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Why are Anti-Scald products so important?

For over a decade anti-scald valves have been a compulsory fitment to baths in new bathrooms in the UK, under legislation designed to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by hot bath water. A large proportion of those injuries happen to young children and the elderly.

Anti-scald valves can save lives and prevent life-changing injuries and naturally, as professional industry specialists, installers should ensure that every installation they are involved with is compliant with regulations. However Britain's bathrooms are still far from fully covered. Inta is the market leader in anti-scald valves and although we have supplied well over a million of our Intamix valves, that is still far short of the 50 million households with bathrooms. Thankfully, the installation of anti-scald valves is part of standard 'best practice' for many but to accelerate anti-scald protection to every British bathroom, the installation of thermostatic valves needs to be second nature every time work in a bathroom is undertaken.

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